Specialized Printed Circuit Board OEM For Prototyping Or Bulk Quantities Based in China

China Specialized Printed Circuit Board OEM For Prototyping Or Bulk Quantities


MultiTech Electron HK Limited (PCBwell.com web site)

About us

With MultiTech set up in the year 2006, our company has been centering on providing exceptional service and extraordinary price for PCB Big amounts fabricating and Printed Circuit Board prototype manufacture. We build printed circuit board prototypes to a maximum of 16 layers. With decades of expertise in printed circuit board world, our working area has used up 7,300 square meterss, with more than 420 workers, the outcome capacity each month is approximately 10,000 prototype projects with above 25,000 square meterss on volume production. MultiTech is without doubt one of the top rated providers in China to deliver excellent quality and 100% dependable electronic boards, mainly put emphasis on High-end and High-Excellence prototype boards, and small-to-medium-sized fab, our boards are far and wide utilized for Medical care, Telecom, Industrial Controller, Computing device, Aeronautics , and Defence & military industries. With scientific management, solid and steady quality, exquisite technique and specialized service, MultiTech has gained more and more popularity from international clients and as well various printed circuit board maker.

In the meantime, MultiTech has received the certs such as ISO9001:2008, UL (Number:E362511), ROHS, at this time we are attempting to obtain TS16949 and certificate for Military use.

MultiTech is in a position to manufacture 1 To16 layers PCBs, aspect ratio is 26 : 1, the maximum finish board thickness is 4.0 mm, max copper thickness is 12 ounce, min mechanical drilling hole size is 0.10 mm, minimum laser drilling hole size is 3mil, min line width / line space is 2.0/2.0mil. We come with rich experience in manufacturing Heavy Copper Board, Mixed Board, High Frequency Board, High TG, High Accuracy Impedance Controlled Board, Flex-semi Board, Flex Board and etc ..

Delivery time Necessary: 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCB boards, 72 hrs for 4-Layer PCBs, we are working hard for supplying boards
punctually with the most appropriate price, making our buyers to decrease their production expenditure and key development period, this could be perfect for them to gather a lot more market shares.

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Location : HuangTian No.2 Industrial Zone, Bao’an Dist, Shenzhen , China
Contact Number : 86-760-88290182
Telefax : 86-760-88290182
Email : [email protected]
Skype ID: cjq.chen[at]hotmail.com
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