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NVIDIA introduces Jetson TX2 module for drones and robots

Jetson TX2 Specs

NVIDIA has launched Jetson TX1’s heir at an event today, and it was developed to run two times as fast while drawing no more than 7.5 watts of power. The product appropriately referred to as Jetson TX2 is an AI module for drones, robots, smart video cameras and other embedded systems. It can be used for navigation, image and speech recognition, among other purposes. Since it is more efficient than its predecessor and was specifically designed for “edge computing” — data processing at or close to the source as an alternative to in the cloud or a data center — it could be leader to quicker, more intelligent and more precise devices.

Deepu Talla, vice president and gm of the Tegra business at NVIDIA, said:

“Jetson TX2 presents amazing AI functions at the edge, making possible a new class of intelligent equipment. These devices will facilitate intelligent video analytics that make our towns more intelligent and more secure, new sorts of robots that improve manufacturing, and new collaboration that makes long-distance career more efficient.”

The chipmaker has also revealed that around 12 partner enterprises are already applying the TX2 in a different way. Cisco is applying the module for an multi functional collaboration device that permits screen sharing, interactive whiteboarding and video conferencing. A corporation labeled as Fellow Robots hinges on TX2 to keep track of on-shelf stock and to find merchandise and quantity in store. The module as well permits Live Planet to sew 4K 360-degree videos for real-time streaming. It powers the vision-based algorithms in a portable-yet-powerful MIT drone, additionally.

NVIDIA is currently accepting pre-orders for the TX2 Developer Kit in the America and The EU, with other zones to go by. It’ll cost you $599 to obtain the carrier-board-and-module combo, but you are going to at least get the package when it starts handling and shipping on March 14. The module-only TX2 is priced at $399, nevertheless it won’t start handling and shipping until someday in the second quarter. NVIDIA will also proceed offering the TX1 Developer Kit for $499.


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