Free Web Based EDA Software Available on EasyEDA

Free Web Based EDA Software Available on EasyEDA


Regarding EasyEDA

EasyEDA is Excited About Innovation

We are producers, hackers and technical engineers. When we wished to design and develop a few hardware three years ago, we invested in many weeks attempting to find the correct tools. We needed schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout nonetheless we needed it to not be only for Windows and we didn’t enjoy the idea of needing to shell out a pile of cash to acquire a huge program suite and after that devote many weeks figuring out how to work with it.

Our goal is to help designers move on from ideas to fabricated prototype quicker by giving in-depth info and co-operation software programs for electronic design. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast excited to try out your very first project or a seasoned electrical engineer wanting a yields enhancement, our ambition is to eliminate the boredom in switching a innovation to our lives. We would like to hear what you’re engaged on or any options on how we can help you, hence feel free to email us.

To sum up, EasyEDA will give you a much easier EDA journey, so you can delight in more of the trip from an inspiration to a product.

Business Line And Pricing

There are no totally free business models; EasyEDA has got to uphold itself and consequently it must maintain the team simultaneously.

Attempting to present you with a disruptive innovation, we offer a good 100 % free Internet Based EDA software, but we hope to earn cash from various other services, that include offering PCB sales, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews by our certified electronics technicians.

Don’t hesitate to employ EasyEDA, we guarantee EasyEDA’s core features are free of charge to everybody.

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