We Have Become Leaders in Circuit Card Manufacturing

We Have Become Leaders in Circuit Card Manufacturing

We are already the main point on the PC board industry of China since 2001. Whilst lots of the processes and equipment utilized to make circuit cards are uniform all over shops, How can our manufacturing shine?


First of all, our company has one of the most amorous teams in the profession.

Combining many years of experience with the desire to supply our consumers with the most excellent experience and product possible, yields a effective combination. Partner with us, you will never see automatons carrying out work with their heads lowered apart from the infrequent glance up to look into the clock on the wall. The things you will view and absolutely hear is a energetic team atmosphere, in which people care passionately about the things they’re doing.

Second is the strength of expertise and customer focus of our always helpful front-end employees.

From Consumer Services through CAM, our center of attention is on ensuring that you acquire the merchandise you like, from the least complicated zero layer to eight layer multi-layer designs. Hence don’t be a bit surprised if one of our office personnel follows up with a question or an idea that increases the manufacturability of your electronic circuit board, helps you to save capital or makes your design a lot better.

Thirdly, we’re embarking on a Lean-Manufacturing journey to re-examine each of our techniques and operations to get hold of the most from our business.

Over time, PCB board makers have never accepted Lean-Manufacturing because it conflicts with classic customs of over-production. Then again, we recognize excess raw and finished goods inventories aim to hide process and equipment issues. FurthermoreFurthermore we discover the objective is not to find tactics to make us work harder, but to help us get the job done wiser.

Another advantage of a team that cares, and lead-time efficiencies possible with Lean-Manufacturing, is the added capacity to assist our clients with their fast turn preferences. If you would like your PWBs in a big hurry, supply your data files and we are able to show you our finest turnaround time frame.

Please contact us or Send Your Data file and we shall go all out to support.