Internet of Things Project: An ESP8266 Example using the ESP8266 Arduino IDE

Today on Tinker & Build we’re building a beginner internet of things project. We explore how to use the ESP8266 Arduino IDE with the ESP8266 NodeMCU Development board to make an IOT project.

First, we walk through the steps of how to set up the NodeMCU dev board with the Arduino IDE, then we go through two common IOT tasks for your internet of things projects:

1.) Writing output over the ESP8266 wifi
2.) Reading input over wifi with the ESP8266 analog input

We use an LED for the output and a photoresistor for the input to the NodeMCU analog input. The NodeMCU connects to wifi and we can control the LED over wifi, which is a pretty good intro IOT project.

And that’s it for our Arduino ESP8266 Tutorial! Links to the parts, circuit diagrams, and credits below:


The Code and Circuit Diagrams:

Where you can buy the tools and materials:

[✓] HiLetgo NodeMCU LUA WiFi Internet ESP8266 Development
[✓] MicroUSB cord (to connect the NodeMCU to your laptop)
[✓] Photoresistors
[✓] Jumper Wires
[✓] Breadboard
[✓] LEDs
[✓] 10K Resistors

– OR –

Instead of buying resistors and LED’s separately, it might be a good idea to get a starter kit of a variety of components so you have them on hand. There are lots on Amazon, here’s a good example of one:

[✓] Variety of Electronic Components

– OR –

You also can get a variety of components in an Arduino starter kit if you plan on doing any Arduino projects (NOTE: It does NOT include the NodeMCU board, that’s a different thing – and the kits for the NodeMCU aren’t great yet because its still new) – here’s the kit I’ve used in the past:

[✓] Arduino Starter Kit with board (LEDs, Resistors, Breadboard included)


This video was inspired by this Instructables Blog:

More info on how to use a photoresistor:

Links about NodeMCU Esp8266 Pin Mappings

Fritzing NodeMCU part courtesy of squix78

ESP8266: NodeMCU V1.0 part created for Fritzing


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