Gadget Recycling Solution: Dissolving Circuit Boards | Video

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory has developed a printed circuit board made of ‘unzippable polymeric layers’ that comes apart in hot water. Resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits can simply be scraped off and used again.


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MOKOTech to Present Fast-turn Electronic Circuit Board Fabrication for Designers at Good Prices

With fast-turn Electronic Circuit Boards at discount prices, MOKOTech makes a way for corporations to guarantee superior manufacture and greatly enhance business lucrativeness.

MOKOTech specializes in fast-turn Electronic Circuit Boards to an assortment of industries, according to their Electronic Circuit Board specifications. Based on the firm spokesperson, they maintain a quick turn-around time of within twenty four hours. An engineer can send the file early in the morning and can be assured of the one day shipping.

The spokesperson uncovers that their fast turn-around time promotes high-quality manufacture. A range of industrial clients have tried them for their Express Electronic Circuit Board to help develop prototypes more quickly. The company gives reliability when considering purchasing Electronic Circuit Boards more quickly and at discount prices. With high quality Electronic Circuit Boards, the providers can increase their profits. MOKOTech has a Innovative factory and has about A decade of past experiences in supplying Electronic Circuit Boards more quickly. They can meet the precise Electronic Circuit Board specification provided by the business purchasers.

The enterprise in addition makes a speciality of aluminum PWB delivery. They can deliver 1 Layer, 2 Layer, 4-Layer and multi-layer aluminum PCBs. With aluminum as the base metal, it can appropriately dissolve high heat away from the circuit board. They can offer aluminum core Electronic Circuit Board with a thickness, ranging between 30mil and 125mil. Even so, the spokesperson claims that they can offer aluminum PCBs with customized thickness and a customer can expect any thickness based upon their requirements.

MOKOTech can likewise offer the flex Circuit Card, which has loads of applications in electronic products and other high-end products. With a flex base material and a patterned arrangement of the printed circuits, such a Electronic Circuit Board features a flex electronic assembly. In line with the spokesperson, their PCB can certainly conform to a specific shape during its utilisation. The product can be extremely perfect for modern handheld electronic products, hard disk drives and desktop laser printers and various other applications in the fields of communications, automobile, health care and so forth ..

For their quick Electronic Circuit Board delivery with precise specifications, MOKOTech has emerged as a tried and tested enterprise for scores of industrial purchasers internationally.

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About MOKOTech

MOKOTech is a qualified High-tech PCB Manufacturer. Launched in the year 2001, MOKOTech makes a speciality of double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards (as many as Eighteen layers). Additionally, they produce some high-end boards, like, Rogers PCB, Teflon PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, HDI boards, Aluminum boards, and Rigid-flexible PCB. The company’s boards are widespread in power supplies, computing devices, communications, optoelectronics, industrial instruments, automobile and electronic devices. Their consumers are mainly located in North America, Countries in Europe, NZ, Australia, Russia and so forth.

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