Circuit Board Vendor & Maker

Circuit Board Vendor & Maker

PCB Supply

We provide electronic circuit boards for the dynamic electronics industry. We are able to produce rigid PCBs, flexible circuit boards, semi flexible PCB boards, and rigid flex PCB boards, and we cater to nation wide and international prototyping, so we can provide low, medium to high volume production. We can cover the complete range of circuit board fabrication from the simple to the most sophisticated multi-layer circuit boards.

Circuit board fabrication

We are specifically for providing the top level of quality you anticipate for your electronic gadgets, which explains why we go to great lengths to regularly deliver the outcome you wish. Our supply chain is well equipped and able to work with any sort of project. Communicate with us today and demand a quote to discover more about what we are able to do for your requirements.

Devoted Service and Good Products

We react with each and every factory straight away to be certain that our customers get the circuit boards which meet their requirements. We’ve held a alliance with each of these production facilities for no less than 3 years, and we are positively visiting them and validating UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality criteria. With domestic providers, we’ll also guarantee that these are ITAR compliant if needed.
We work together with vendors in many other manufacturing industries and deliver inventive value-added services to help handle your work load. These solutions integrate:

Total Supply Control
Customized Product Marking (white label)
Convenient Stocking Programs
Customs & Logistics Management

Materials Organization

Material Management is our work. We’re one of the few Printed Circuit Board suppliers which can handle material regularly and expertly.

We’ve spent a substantial amount of time and energy into our system which controls product for all kinds of customers. This allows for our buyers to make use of the a lot more cut-throat pricing structure by ordering bigger amounts while still maintaining their product off the books until it is totally expected.

We Ship On Demand or by Timetable

Our MRP and accounting system allows us to keep a close eye on when product ought to ship therefore it’s quick or on-time depending on a PO delivery date. Plus, for those who have a pull-in on your order, we are able to satisfy and deliver within 24 hours as desired. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management applies to circuit cards also, including date codes and delivery requirements. We can easily keep tabs on date codes to be sure you are obtaining product that is built first and delivered based upon your agenda, and We’re able to deal with orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 1 year or more or as required.

Focus on Details

Certificates of Conformance are always supplied with every shipment, and other document controls are furthermore employed to ensure products fulfill the necessary specs. Our staff always examines incoming shipments to make certain the product labeling, documents and other specifics are precise.

We’ve secured an ecologically warehouse by paying close attention to all the details. We want to maintain your circuit boards safe from the elements. When required, made to order branding for your product is readily available.

Let us Address Customs and Shipping

Nobody wants to cope with customs until they need to, and we make the whole process a lot easier. Included in the service, we cope with all the customs and logistics therefore , you do not ought to.

As among the leading printed circuit board vendors, we’re dedicated to printed circuit board prototype making and assemblage solutions, supplying our consumers with excellent, consistency and a broad range of products.

We provide many different expert PCB board fabrication services. We also provide enhanced circuit card solutions and outstanding circuit board fabrication services with our special software, latent tools and skilled technicians and engineers for you.

Inspite of being one of the primary printed circuit board suppliers, we always provide our customers with outstanding, hands-on customer care for every single order.

Contact us to know more about our printed circuit board services, or receive a fast PCB quotation.

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