Quick Turn-around PWB Models Small ~ Medium Volume PWB & PCB Board Assembly

Quick Turn-around PWB Models Small ~ Medium Volume PWB & PCB Board Assembly

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited is a professional manufacturer for 2-26 layers circuit board. We specialise in quick turn circuit board prototypes, small ~ medium volume PC board and circuit card assembly. Founded in the year 2009, located within Shenzhen City, China, with around 408 very skilled employees and cutting edge equipment, we are in a position to realize 20 000 sqms yield each month.

We are permitted by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL certification and RoHS compliance. Our items are extensively applied to communications, industrial control, electric power electronics, specialized medical resources, security technology, electronics, LED lighting, and many more. In excess of 80Percent of our boards are exported to European countries, The USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East et cetera. For the comfort of buyers, we have now delivered one-stop solution which include uncovered circuit card fabrication, printed circuit board assembly, FPC and Stencil for upwards of 2,000 consumers world wide.

We take great pride in offering you professional quality, huge discounts, remarkable service and also timely distribution. We love doing work together with customers to set up a win-win alliance.

Business Summary

We enrolled in Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany.
We have provided specialized PC board manufacturing & circuit board assembly services for at least 2,Thousand consumers.

We joined in HK Global Sources Electronics Fair.
We began to make available Flex and Rigid-flex PC board.
We brought in ERP program.

We We were accepted ISO14001.
We started to produce 26 layers PCB board.

We did start to supply PC board assembly and Stencil.
We’re prized as a harmonious labor relations business.

We were accredited by ISO9001.
We enrolled in Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

We gained UL certification.
We joined up with CPCA (also called : China Printed Circuit Association).

We received RoHS certification.

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited began in Shenzhen, China

Make Contact with Us

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Yitong Technology Shenzhen Co.,Ltd

Hq: Room # 208~215, Zhifu Building, Pengda Rd, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen , China House Addr. : Penglianjia Technology and science Park, Shibi Village, Pingdi St Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province China Mainland

TEL : +86 755 83393378
Fax : +86 755 83422990
Skype Identity : HQT CIRCUIT
Promoting director Inbox : johnson@hqtcircuit.com


Local China’s Prominent Circuit Board Manufacture Assy Solution

Local China’s Prominent Circuit Board Manufacture Assy Solution


MOKO Tech Limited

We Present a Full Variety of Circuit Card Choices to Match Your whole PCB Requires.

Moko Technology Limited began in 2001, situated in Shenzhen, China. is skilled in circuit card mfg plus printed circuit board assembly, located in Shenzhen, China. We are devoted to fabricating single-sided , double-sided and multi-layer PCB boards, to a max of 18 layers. Moreover, we are able to deliver parts ordering and entire electronic board assy service.

With more than a decade in the world of PCB board prototype and manufacture, we’re focused upon satisfying the requirements of our buyers coming from a variety of industries concerning excellence, supply, cost-effectiveness and almost every other request(s). Being on the list of most competent electronic board producers in China, we have confidence to become your most excellent business partners .

In Shenzhen, we’re honored as the top-quality provider for various corporations all over the world. We can present all types of services including circuit board mfg and electronic board assy for from sample orders to batch orders.

With regards to PCB board assy, taking advantage of 8 high-speed SMT assembling lines brought in from Japan Yamaha and Sony, we make our best to match our customers’ requires.

One-stop Solution: Beyond the borders of Electronic Board Manufacturing

Our grown expertise in circuit boards is not simply restricted to circuit board mfg but consists of all of the associated services which include electronic circuit board design & layout and circuit card assy. Our highly trained design professionals can make it easier to accomplish economical brilliance in your multi-layer layout or we’re able to design your circuit from nothing: from a basic double-sided board to elaborate rigid-flex PCB applications. In 2012, our subsidiary company – Shenzhen Eastwin Trading Ltd established with a purpose to grow abroad Business.

We have our 25,000 sq. feet cutting edge manufacturing unit to supply the quality consistency you desire…

We now have attained the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL plus ROHS qualifications. Presently our printed circuit board ability has reached 1000 sqm. each day, and for electronic board assy can realize 100100,000,000 items monthly.

We deeply reckon that our decent service and expertise will wholly meet your demands. Loyalty and new technology are the power that drive our achieving success. We are the best alternative in your case.

For further products and services, more concessions, or freely available trial samples you have to click here

Contact with Us

Shenzhen MOKO Tech Ltd.
Telphone: 86-75523573370
Telefax: 86-75523573370-808
Email: alex@szeastwin.com
Address : 4F,Buidling #2,Guanghui Technology Zone,Minqing Road, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City, China
Zip Code: 518109

In accordance to http://www.mokotechnology.com/about/


China Manufacturer Providing Prime Quality Printed Circuit Board Fab & Assembling

China Manufacturer Providing Prime Quality Printed Circuit Board Fab & Assembling


PCBCart Company Information

PCBCart is a Chinese high grade PC board Manufacturing, Assemblage and components sourcing services vendor. Since our foundation in the year 2005, we now have aided loads of technical engineers, buyers and electronic hobbyists, from business to educational organizations, to develop ground breaking applications that change their goods and the field where they function. As being a customer-driven PC Board Fabricating firm, we are focused on sticking with the strictest quality criteria in Circuit Card Fab and Assembly. We do our very best to make sure that our PCB Boards fit and extend past specific criteria of each and every one of our purchasers. To date, we now have backed thousands of world-wide researchers and engineers with our superior quality PCB. During the trip, we’ve developed a firm good name for high quality, affordable pricing and prompt delivery.

A Broad Variety of PCB Service Possibilities

We think that customers and their demands are at the heart of any prospering business. Because of this, we supply many different tailor-made services and client care options to confirm customers’ requires are going to be accomplished. Our staff has been working on this industry for years, we are greatly proficient in all facets of PC Board Fabrication and development. From rapid prototyping , full production, element kitting , complete one-stop Assemblage to PCB design advice, you can depend on us to produce advanced circuit boards manufactures which fit your accurate criteria all the way way.

A range of Products and services to Do The Job

Our wide-ranging Fab capabilities allow us to deliver a full product selection, incorporating HDI Circuit Card, High-Tg PWB, Thick Copper PCB Board, Halogen PCB as standard options, as well as more expert abilities for instance , Flex PCB Board, Aluminium Circuit Board as well as Rogers Circuit Board. We are dedicated to offering exceptional products at a good value price. Having earned 10 years experience in the field, we comprehend the very important position that PSC components play in the functionality of a product. Therefore we continually up grade our production lines to elevate our abilities and the excellence. You can quote for your custom circuit boards Fabricating using our web Electronic Circuit Board Price Calculator and see the way we will help today!

Be grateful for your fascination with PCBCart. When you need to learn more info on what precisely our services and capabilities are, don’t hesitate to find us by

Email address sales@pcbcart.com
phone call +86-571-87013819.

Try the following Circuit Card Calculator to gain a quote

PCB Board Assemblage: Process & Tech

PCB Board Assemblage: Process & Tech

PCB Board Assemblage: Process & Tech

Printed circuit board assy, also called PCBA, is the process of soldering or assemblage of electronic elements to a circuit board. A circuit board in advance of assemblage of electronic elements is termed a circuit card. And once electronic components are soldered, the board is known as Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).


It has to be noted that assembly of a circuit board is dissimilar to manufacturing a circuit board. Producing printed circuit boards demand several tasks consisting of PCB board design and creating PCB prototype. Once a circuit card is ready, electronic parts should be soldered on it before being utilized in any electronic devices. This assemblage of electronic elements depends on sort of circuit board, kind of electronic components and moreover application the circuit board.

Items You’ll need for Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The Below electronic components and resources are needed for PCB board assembly

Electronic parts
Soldering products such as solder wire, solder paste, solder bar, solder preforms (depending upon the kind of soldering to be undertaken)
Soldering flux
Soldering tools like soldering station, wave soldering device, SMT gear, inspection and testing equipment and many more.

After all of the listed above machines, electronic components and all materials are organized, it’s about time to start out the process of assembly .

PCB Assembly with Thru-Hole Electronic Components

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Electronic parts that have leads showing up and are implanted through tiny holes in the circuit board for soldering are known as through-hole electronic parts. The assembly or soldering process for such components comprise of wave soldering and manual soldering – Wave Soldering – A circuit card assy process in which solder in the form of solder bar are put in a high-temperature bath. This solder remains to be in the bath in melted form and forms a wave at extremely high temperature. The range of temperature relies upon the kind of solder. Regular tin / lead (Sn/Pb) solder has lower melting point than lead-free (Pb-Free) solder. The circuit board together with the thru-hole electronic components in holes is passed over molted solder with the aid of a conveyor belt. The whole wave soldering procedure involves the following moves:

Inserting electronic parts
Flux applying
Cleaning up

When the wave soldering is established, the PCBA is cleaned out and examined. If any issue or solder joint is discovered, it will be sent for alter, which is usually accomplished manually. Manual Soldering – Manual soldering is complete in producing units with less work or in rework / fix tasks. A high-quality soldering station, soldering iron and solder wire and flux are required in the act.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Made for SMD Parts

Surface Mount Technology or SMT is a circuit card assembly course of action for SMD (Surface Mount Device) parts. SMD elements don?¡¥t have leads and legs. They can be placed on the surface of the circuit board. The equipments, components along with other soldering material consumed in this assemblage process is different to thru-hole soldering process.


Circuit Board Vendor & Maker

Circuit Board Vendor & Maker

PCB Supply

We provide electronic circuit boards for the dynamic electronics industry. We are able to produce rigid PCBs, flexible circuit boards, semi flexible PCB boards, and rigid flex PCB boards, and we cater to nation wide and international prototyping, so we can provide low, medium to high volume production. We can cover the complete range of circuit board fabrication from the simple to the most sophisticated multi-layer circuit boards.


Circuit board fabrication

We are specifically for providing the top level of quality you anticipate for your electronic gadgets, which explains why we go to great lengths to regularly deliver the outcome you wish. Our supply chain is well equipped and able to work with any sort of project. Communicate with us today and demand a quote to discover more about what we are able to do for your requirements.

Devoted Service and Good Products

We react with each and every factory straight away to be certain that our customers get the circuit boards which meet their requirements. We’ve held a alliance with each of these production facilities for no less than 3 years, and we are positively visiting them and validating UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality criteria. With domestic providers, we’ll also guarantee that these are ITAR compliant if needed.
We work together with vendors in many other manufacturing industries and deliver inventive value-added services to help handle your work load. These solutions integrate:

Total Supply Control
Customized Product Marking (white label)
Convenient Stocking Programs
Customs & Logistics Management

Materials Organization

Material Management is our work. We’re one of the few Printed Circuit Board suppliers which can handle material regularly and expertly.

We’ve spent a substantial amount of time and energy into our system which controls product for all kinds of customers. This allows for our buyers to make use of the a lot more cut-throat pricing structure by ordering bigger amounts while still maintaining their product off the books until it is totally expected.

We Ship On Demand or by Timetable

Our MRP and accounting system allows us to keep a close eye on when product ought to ship therefore it’s quick or on-time depending on a PO delivery date. Plus, for those who have a pull-in on your order, we are able to satisfy and deliver within 24 hours as desired. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management applies to circuit cards also, including date codes and delivery requirements. We can easily keep tabs on date codes to be sure you are obtaining product that is built first and delivered based upon your agenda, and We’re able to deal with orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 1 year or more or as required.

Focus on Details

Certificates of Conformance are always supplied with every shipment, and other document controls are furthermore employed to ensure products fulfill the necessary specs. Our staff always examines incoming shipments to make certain the product labeling, documents and other specifics are precise.

We’ve secured an ecologically warehouse by paying close attention to all the details. We want to maintain your circuit boards safe from the elements. When required, made to order branding for your product is readily available.

Let us Address Customs and Shipping

Nobody wants to cope with customs until they need to, and we make the whole process a lot easier. Included in the service, we cope with all the customs and logistics therefore , you do not ought to.

As among the leading printed circuit board vendors, we’re dedicated to printed circuit board prototype making and assemblage solutions, supplying our consumers with excellent, consistency and a broad range of products.

We provide many different expert PCB board fabrication services. We also provide enhanced circuit card solutions and outstanding circuit board fabrication services with our special software, latent tools and skilled technicians and engineers for you.

Inspite of being one of the primary printed circuit board suppliers, we always provide our customers with outstanding, hands-on customer care for every single order.

Contact us to know more about our printed circuit board services, or receive a fast PCB quotation.

AIM to Emphasise M8 at approaching SMTA Long Island Expo & Technical Forum

AIM to Emphasise M8 at approaching SMTA Long Island Expo & Technical Forum

About AIM

Located in Montreal, Canada, AIM Solder is a top notch worldwide manufacturer of assemblage items for the electronics industry with formulating, syndication and support facilities situated worldwide. AIM generates innovative solder products for example , solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, epoxies, lead-free and halogen-free solder items, preforms, and unique alloys including indium and gold for a wide variety of market sectors. A beneficiary of a large number of esteemed SMT industry accolades, AIM is firmly committed to progressive development and research of merchandise and process progression and in addition offering clients with better technical support, service and guidance.

AIM Solder is thrilled to publicize their engagement at the SMTA New York Expo & Technology Forum, scheduled to be held October 26th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in New York City. AIM will highlight their radical M8 solder paste in conjunction with their full-line of solder assembly products.
M8 No Clean Solder Paste has been formulated to handle by far the most requiring conditions dealing with our present-day SMT assembly industry. M8 is seen to upgrade output yields and product quality, whether printing 0.50 area ratios or cutting out voiding on QFN and LED packages. M8’s post-reflow residue passes all IPC, BONO and hard swapping environment test specs, that makes it the very best choice for automobile and high performance/high dependability applications. M8’s powerful qualities and steady performance boosts every aspect of the PCB assembly procedure.

Moreover, AIM definitely will high light its fluid fluxes, tin/lead and lead-free alloys, including SN100C. To find out about all of AIM’s products or services, including lead-free and halogen-free solder, attend the firm at the SMTA Long Island Expo & Tech Forum for addiitional information.