American Standard Circuits to Present at PCB West 2016

American Standard Circuits to Present at PCB West 2016

American Standard Circuits will be presenting at this year’s PCB West at the Santa Clara Convention Center.


American Standard Circuit’s CEO Anaya Vardya said, “This show is becoming more successful for us we attend. Since I get to meet to face as well as many from around the state for me it’s one of the highlights of the year. Because we do so much high tech NPI work additionally it is an excellent chance to speak to designers and discuss their business’s latest technology and what they need within their PCB manufacturing for these products that are emerging. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone only at that year’s occasion.”

See American Standard learn at PCB West 2016 in Booth #219 and Circuits.

ASC has the expertise to supply an extensive assortment of technologies -critical environment. Their qualifications include ISO 9001:2008, MIL-PRF 31032, and ITAR enrollment. American Standard additionally holds several essential patents for alloy bonding procedures.


Zentech lifts knowledge of circuit board design and contract making with IDS transaction

Zentech lifts knowledge of circuit board design and contract making with IDS transaction


Business owners of contract manufacturing professional Zentech Manufacturing Inc. Windsor Mill, Md., are raising their company’s understanding of printed circuit board design and quick prototyping with their getting Interconnect Design Solutions (IDS) LLC in Mount Pleasant. Terms of the deal weren’t announced.

IDS specializes in PWB (printed wiring board) design, mechanical engineering, speedy prototyping, and commitment making. The corporation has exceptional expertise in printed wiring board and mechanical engineering consulting for aerospace, motor vehicle, telecoms, and electronic products applications.

Zentech is an thriving electronics commitment assembly provider which focuses primarily on PCB construction, examining, and design and development services. The business enterprise basically serves the defense, aerospace, medicinal technology, industrial controls, computer, and telecommunications markets.

Last May, Zentech obtained contract maker Colonial Assembly and Design LLC in Fredericksburg, and the IDS acquisition also improves its engineering services expertise.

“The acquisition of IDS, coupled with the May 2015 getting Colonial Assembly and Design LLC and Zentech’s tough capabilities, delivers fantastic engineering services capability, with quite a few Zentech design centres presently intentionally located throughout our key Eastern Seaboard sector,” affirms the President and CEO Matt Turpin.


Technica USA Brings Najib Khan to their Company

Technica USA Brings Najib Khan to their Company

Technica USA announced today that Najib Khan joined the firm in the capacity of Merchandise Supervisor of Photoimaging Products, August 29, 2016 effective. Najib will lead to the development of Technica’s company associated with DI gear and inks, solder masks, chemistries and picture imaging resists. Najib will have direct account responsibility of servicing future and present customers on a national level with these unique product lines, in addition to providing on-going sales and product training support to the whole sales team.

Najib may also work the MLI/CBT gear service team helping them to create better tools for assisting them with added programs support as well as reporting services.

President of Technica USA said, Frank Medina, “we’re extremely excited to have our team is joined by Najib. He brings with him a breath of knowledge and expertise with this merchandise section.”

Najib brings a wealth of business expertise including his latest position of Product Manager of Ink Jet Technology for Camtek Corporation. Najib’s expertise also includes over a decade of expertise working as a process engineer focusing on the photoimaging process area for microelectronic and PCB production.


Technica, USA supplies procedure materials and the highest quality gear, produced world-wide, for the printed circuit board manufacturing and construction marketplaces along with the photovoltaic, microelectronic and printed electronic equipment marketplaces. To find out more on Technica, USA,


PRINTEM IS POLAROID FOR Printed Circuit Boards

PRINTEM IS POLAROID FOR Printed Circuit Boards

We’re going to turn a fast thought into a digital image, be it PCB production services or milling, house etching that send PCBs all over the world. Reluctant to accept the complications of PCB manufacturing, computer science pupil [Varun Perumal Chadalavada] came up with an express option for PCB prototyping:Printem – a Polaroid-like picture for immediate-PCBs.


Printem is a photosensitive multi-layer assembly, similar but with an immediate development characteristic. It includes a thin conductive copper foil that’s held into a carrier substrate that is clear by a photocurable adhesive film.

To turn the Printem movie into a PCB, a negative of the copper touches is printed onto the crystalline substrate with help of a standard inkjet or laser printer (a). The film is subsequently exposed to UV light (b). Where light beams through the mask that is printed, the photo- fuses the copper film and adhesive treatments. After exposure, the backside with the holding adhesive is peeled off (c), taking the un-fused copper-piece with it.

The copper layer is quite thin, about 100 times thinner than on PCBs that are standard, and rests clean enough around the contours of the open areas to form copper hints. For those who desire for more information about how Printem works, [Varun] has come up with an interesting writeup on

Printem is a job at the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Project) laboratory of the University Of Toronto and has been acknowledged by the University as one of the Innovations of the Year. Love the video that is explanatory below and tell US what you think of the in the remarks!


PCB and EMS Markets Continue Progression

PCB and EMS Markets Continue Progression

Industrial and fabrication companies are experiencing beneficial progress. As reported by IPC, PCB and EMS industries in United States carried on to claim optimistic growing throughout the summer time of 2016. The facts is based on three-month rolling averages.


Semiconductor firms have already been enduring a difficult phase, but data presented by IPC demonstrates that the turnaround for semi-conductor shipments began in April 2016, with positive signs and symptoms of restoration. Just as sales in the PCB and EMS markets accelerated, companies in general felt the positive strength.

Small cap companies just like Cemtrex Inc. have reaped the benefit considerably from the restoration in the PCB field. Cemtrex provides PCB assembly services and also equipments for fabricating processes, and industrial environmental control systems. At the begining of August, the firm publicized that net sales for the ninety days ended June 30, 2016 raised by 69% to $24.7 million from $14.67 million for the 90 days ended June 30, 2015. Shares of the company since the beginning of May have greater than doubled.

A short time ago, Cemtrex has been energetic in expanding operations worldwide . Earlier this month, the enterprise declared that it has wholly integrated with the lately obtained Periscope, an electronics manufacturing firm in Paderborn, Germany. With the incorporation ended , Cemtrex protected a broader base and greater market share in the European union and claims that it is now among the list of top 20 EMS corporations in Germany.

Greater cap companies just like Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have both been recuperating from a stable at best in 2015. Shares of Intel and AMD increased by about 25% and 65%, correspondingly, since May.

Intel has needed to enhance its portfolio of products to get a wider collection of devices, and just lately acquired Movidius Technology. Movidius makes a specialty of new devices that happen to be breaking into the mainstream similar to drones, virtual reality headsets plus much more.

Texas Instruments Inc. plays a key role in the PCB industry, being a world-wide semiconductor enterprise doing business in 35 throughout the world. TI manufactures communication equipment, venture systems, and hardware for industrial purposes and personal electronics. Shares increased 22% from May.

QUALCOMM is more recognised for development and commercialization of hardwarehardware components, designing PCB for digital communication technologies. The corporation in addition develops and commercializes an array of other technologies utilised in mobile phones and tablets. Shares of QUALCOMM raised by nearly 25% since May.