Custom-made Bluetooth Low Energy Audio Module Maker Based In Alibaba

Tailor-Made BTLE Audio Module Supplier from China Shanghai

Ehong Tech Co., Limited

Being a high technology enterprise, Ehong Technology is dedicated in building wireless communication systems and evolving into an entire solution company in the domain of wireless internet. Ehong is always sticking to the concepts of setting up a amazing wireless future with all our clients and staff members. We try to turned into an outstanding Internet of Things(IoT) firm as per the mindset of practical innovation, enterprise and the style of “Immediate Response, Fast Action”. We are ready to make larger contribution to the mobile internet.

Ehong has introduced Bluetooth SPP, Audio, dual mode, Bluetooth Smart modules, WiFi modules relying on Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. We provide low cost, very high quality products which have gone through a rigorous testing and certification for our buyers mainly distributed in the fields of motor vehicle electronics, smart home, wellness and health, industrial control and consumer electronic products.

Internet of Things is the third time IT Revolution. Ehong strives to be a conquer, equal, synergic and shared to turn into your best supplier. Let us join hands to set up a beautiful Smart Connected wireless life collectively!

Main Products
Customizable Anti-Loss System, nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart module producer/seller in Shanghai China, supplying 300meter Distance Internal Antenna CSR Bluetooth Module, Developing Bluetooth Evb Kit for Eh-MB05, CSR Bluetooth2.1+EDR Bluetooth Audio Module etc.

Contact with Us

Location: Rm1505, 1st, No. 833 South Hongmei Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Postal Code: 210000
Contact Tel: 86-21-64769993-202
Facsimile: 86-21-64765833


Two White-Label GPS System Manufacturing Companies from Shenzhen

Two White-Label GPS System Manufacturing Companies from Shenzhen

Shenzhen Kingfit technology LTD.

Started in 2012, Shenzhen Kingfit Technology Co., Limited focuses primarily on making custom Baby Monitor, Web Camera, Family GPS systems and other electronics.

We’ve got a well-set-up management system, specializing in production and exportation. Our R&D team and engineering team are specializing in developing brand new products seasonally, to satisfy abroad market demands. Our QA & QC teams work tightly on quality control. Based upon your marketing ideas or requirements, we can cover your complete exclusive requirements, through providing a whole package of high-quality products, cheap price, punctual delivery, and nice after-sales help.

Our successful success is due to:

1) Well-organized administration platform
2) Veteran office workers
3) Rigid quality control system
4) Purchaser-centered tactic

Our edge – We can do what others are not able to do, Our Pursuit – Trustworthiness, quality the first, services the most significant.

Our firm is in Shenzhen, close to the Xinghe WORD, COCO Park, a elegant office, effortless transportation, look forward to join our company, anyone of noble aspirations, is the concept of “people-oriented, win-win collaboration”.

Adhere to the talent strategy – understand people, respect people, care for people, educate people, realize the common advancement of sales staff and companies, and build win-win business together!

Moreover, welcome purchasers around the world to take a look at our enterprise, we shall makes use of the high-quality products and helpful services to offer you with higher value.

Make Contact with Us

Location: 2F, 2 Mingle Industry, Longhua, Shenzhen, China.
Contact Tel: +86-755-33178216
Telefax: +86-755-28410501


Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co., Limited.

Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co., Limited. is a China-based specialist which focused upon GPS products and GPS tracing software application. Yiwen offers thorough solution for individual tracing, animals tracing, property tracing, automobile tracking and then GPS fleet management. Therefore, Yiwen’s products and software are hugely put to use by households and firms globally. Our GPS tracing system can provide real time info, notifications, reports, location, and so on. Yiwen Technology located within Shenzhen, China and allocates our merchandise in many countries!

Make Contact with Us

Overseas Sales: Pengyun Wang
Mailbox: shenzhenyiwen[at]
TEL: 0086075586565621
Addr.: Room 509-10, 5F Xixiang Chamber of Commerce Bldg, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PRC
Zip Code: 518109


PiDome Home Automation client on embedded and mobile

We have done some massive updates on the PiDome client, well, to be honest, we started rewriting it a while ago together with the PiDome Client libraries. This client has emerged from a single codebase and is able to run on different platforms.
Currently it runs on Windows, Mac, ARM (Raspberry Pi), and Android.

This clip shows the Client on a Raspberry Pi 2 B and on a budget Android phone. The performance of JavaFX on both the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Android Phone is pretty good. Even for such a low budget phone.

We hope the client is evolving to a nice client to be used. Watch the clip and/or read on to find out the resources we used to create this current app.

The same app running on a PiTFT 3.5 inch display (Raspberry Pi 1 B) from adafruit uploaded by a PiDome user:

How to create dashboards:

More information about the clients and a little background can be found in this blog post:

Please follow the following links if you interested in also developing a single rich client able to run on multiple platforms:


To be able to run JavaFX on ARM devices (like the Raspberry Pi). The Guys at Gluon are offering builds:

NetBeans development plugin:

PiDome client libraries (alpha versions):


5 Open Source House Automation Solutions

The Internet of Things is not just a buzzword, it’s a speedily expanding fact.

With an ever-increasing amount of devices available to help you automate, protect, and monitor your residence, it has never been simpler nor more tempting to have a go at home automation. Whether you’re expecting to handle your HVAC(Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning) system from another location, add in a home theatre, defend your home from thievery, fire, or other dangers, lower your energy consumption, or maybe control just a few lights, there are numerous devices on offer at your fingertips.

While connected devices typically contain proprietary components, a good step one in bringing open source into your home automation system is to assure the device which ties your devices together-and presents you with an user interface to them (the “hub”)-is open source. Fortunately, there are numerous possible choices readily available, with options to run on everything from your always-on personal PC to a Raspberry Pi.

Have a look at a few of our preferred.


Calaos is designed as a full-stack home automation platform, together with a server application, touchscreen display interface, web application, native mobile phone applications for iOS and Android, and a preconfigured Linux operating-system to run underneath. English speaking readers should be advised that, while some English documentation is obtainable, part of the instructional material along with support online forums are primarily in French.

Calaos is licensed under version 3 of the GPL and you can view its source on GitHub.


Domoticz is a home automation system with a rather wide collection of supported devices, which range from weather stations to smoke detectors to remote controls, with a great number of additional alternative party integrations documented on the project’s site. It is designed with an HTML5 frontend, which makes it reachable from both desktop browsers together with most up-to-date smartphones, and is light in weight, running on a good number of low power systems including the Raspberry Pi.

Domoticz is written chiefly in C/C++ under the GPLv3, and its source code could be found on GitHub.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is an free home automation platform, and is designed to be comfortably deployed on almost any machine which can run Python 3, from a Raspberry Pi to a NAS device, and as well comes with a Docker container to make implementing on other systems really simple. It incorporates with a considerable number of free and also commercial products, which means you can link, like, IFTTT, weather information, or maybe your Amazon Echo device, to controls from locks to lights to even a command line notifier.

Home Assistant is released under an MIT license, and its source is offred from GitHub.


OpenHAB (short for Open Home Automation Bus) is among the most famous home automation tools amongst open source fans, with a sizeable user community and quite a lot of supported devices and integrations. Written in Java, openHAB is light and portable across a large amount of major OS’s and also runs well on the Raspberry Pi. Supporting many devices, openHAB is designed to be device-agnostic while making it easier for developers to add their own devices or plugins to the system. OpenHAB also ships iOS and Android applications for device control, as well as a design tools so you can create your own User interface for your home system.

You can easily find openHAB’s source on GitHub licensed under the Eclipse Public License.


OpenMotics is a home automation system with both hardware and software under open source licenses, designed at providing a comprehensive system for managing devices in place of stitching together a great many devices from diverse providers. In contrast to lots of the other systems designed chiefly for effortless retrofitting, OpenMotics goals a hard wired solution. To get more detailed, see our full article from OpenMotics backend developer Frederick Ryckbosch.

The source for OpenMotics is licensed under the GPLv2 and is available for download on GitHub.

These are not the only choices available, in fact. A good number of home automation hobbyists decide on a diverse solution, or possibly plan to roll their unique. Several other potential alternatives to think of include things like LinuxMCE, PiDome, MisterHouse or smarthomatic. Other users choose to use unique smart home devices without adding them into a single all-encompassing system.

PCB Board OEM’s for Your Fabrication & Assembly Demands Positioned in China

PCB Board OEM’s for Your Fabrication & Assembly Demands Positioned in China

MultiTech Electronic HK Limited

With MultiTech built in the year 2006, our company has been targeting supplying exceptional service and superb pricing for PCB Bulk fabricating and PCB Board prototype fab. We build printed circuit board prototypes to a maximum of 16 layers. With decades of expertise in printed circuit board world, our work shop has used up 7,300 sqm., with more than 420 employees, the production ability month-to-month is around 10 thousand sample projects with more than 25,000 sqm on bulk production. MultiTech is amongst the premier suppliers in China to offer high class and 100% solid PCB boards, largely give full attention to High-end and High-Reliability prototype boards, and small-to-mid-sized manufacture, our products are widely used for Medical care, Communications, Industrial Control, Computer, Aeronautics & Astronautics, and Defence & military fields. With scientific management, top and reliable quality, incredible technique and seasoned service, MultiTech has acquired an increasing number of acceptance from multinational customers along with many other circuit board maker.

On the other hand, MultiTech has triumphed the certs which include ISO9001:2015, UL (Number:E362511), ROHS, now we’re seeking for TS16949 & certification for Military market.

MultiTech is able to manufacture 1 -16 layers PCBs, the aspect ratio is 26 to 1, the max finish board thickness is 4.0 millimeter, max copper thickness is 12 oz, min mechanical drilling hole size is 0.10 millimeter, min laser drilling hole size is 3mil, min. line width / line space is 2.0/2.0mil. We have rich expertise in fabricating Heavy Copper PCB, Mixed Board, High Frequency Board, High TG, High Precision Impedance Controlled Board, Flex-semi Board, Flex Board and etc..

Delivery time Needed: 24-hour delivery for double-sided boards, 72 hours for 4-Layer PCBs, we’re striving for providing boards in a timely manner with the finest price, allowing our customers to reduce their production costs and important development circle, this will be beneficial for them to seize even more market shares.

Reach Us

Addr.: HuangTian No.2 Industrial Area, Bao’an District, Shenzhen , Guangdong PRC
TEL: 86-760-88290182
Fax: 86-760-88290182
Email Address:
Skype Username: cjq.chen[at]


ALLPCB Website

ALLPCB is the first worldwide on-line platform with PCB prototyping and small-volume PCB fabricating services.
After the year 2013, ALLPCB has been striving to make available the most economic PCB manufacturing service and provide global SME’s with entire PCB design process and technical support from “Prototype to Production”. With a purpose to realize a fast answer to customers’ demands, we now have built a efficient service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, client service and fast response to complaints outcome our leading place in PCB industry.

ALLPCB benefits from exclusive resources in a number of factors:

1. PCB makers

Around One hundred Chinese PCB manufacturers have came into ALLPCB maker community, supplying 1 – 30 layers boards for PCB prototyping and low-quantity PCB fab. They include multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The most effective leading time can be within 24 hours. Each of the PCB manufacturer members have approved our tight on-spot review by qualified auditors about the surroundings, equipments, materials, certificates and management. All the examination reports are exposed and transparent from the internet, ensuring the manufacturing capability validity of every PCB maker.

2. Elements

ALLPCB works with more than 30 celebrated components dealers, providing around 5 million electronic elements in store. At the least 95% orders will be sure to be delivered in a day.


ALLPCB works in concert with approximately 10 PCBA makers with the ability of prototype and small-volume manufacture within 2 to 3 days. Plus the pass rate of finished products stretches to 99.9%.
ALLPCB shows a robust team with 100+ customer service persons and engineers. We furnish 24/7 service for worldwide consumers via email message, call and actual time chat.
“Made in China, Used by the world” is the mission of ALLPCB presently. ALLPCB is going to shoot for attain the conversion from”Produced in China” to “Made in the globe”, making the innovation of multinational SMEs less of a challenge and delivering the human beings significantly better life with the assistance of science!

Touch Us

Location: 12F, West #2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, #71-8 ShiXiang Rd, XiaCheng Dist, Hangzhou , China
E-mail: service[at]


Shenzhen Eastwin Limited

China Shenzhen Eastwin Limited is dedicated to Electronic Circuit Board fabrication & PCBA (aka PCB Assembly) headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We provide you with broad alternatives, for example, Development and research support, prototype service, technical consultation, material procuring, circuit board assembly service, conformal coating, washing, in-circuit test, functionality test, burn-in test, environment test, shipping and delivery and after-sales service. We constantly endeavor to give the greatest service to our clients with imaginative treatments and dependable product quality.

We’ve served various well-known buyers who pay attention to advertising and design. Our goods are predominantly utilized in the security and safety, industrial, medical-related, network, automatic, measuring, counter product and various other segments. With several years of expertise, we have gathered a great name among customers in the electronic production field for cheap prices, prosperous assets and timely shipping and delivery. Our fabrication units consist of tidy workshops and complex speedy SMT lines.

We have triumphed ISO9001:2005, ISO14001, UL & RoHS qualifications. Right now our daily PWB capacity goes to 1,000 square meters, and PCB board assembly is able to hit 100million units on a monthly basis.

We’ll persist the managing idea of “Quality superior, Service supreme, Reputation first” to offer you the greatest service for our overseas buyers. We’re enthusiastic about becoming your long-run business partner!

Connect with Us

Full name: Alex Ke(Marketing Director)
Tel: +86-755-23573370-803
Mobile Phone: +86-13420963146
Email Address: alex[at]
Address: 4F, Building #2, Guanghui Technology Park, MinQing Rd, Longhua, Shenzhen, China Postal Code: 518109


Made-To-Order Wireless Smart Socket and IP Video Camera Manufacturing Companies Situated in China Shenzhen

Made-To-Order Wireless Smart Socket and IP Video Camera Manufacturing Companies Situated in China Shenzhen

Neo Electronic, a specialist in home security

Founded in 2002, Neo Electronic Co., Limited is a high-tech venture which is an expert in the research, design, production and sales of wifi electric plug products. And it also is one of the original qualified manufacturing businesses of IP Camera in China. We basically offer smart doorbells, smart home kits, wifi power plugs, indoor or outdoor wireless IP cameras, micro PTZ IP cameras, dome IP cameras and outdoor PTZ IP cameras, and the like. Neo is making advancements in global security solutions and to your daily life.

Shenzhen Neo has realized a great number of patents and gained many global certificates – CE, FCC, RoHS, and a lot more. Implementing cutting-edge manufacturing facility and trained workers, now we have piled up an exceptional standing of presenting premium and affordable products and services to all purchasers. Our products and solutions are well-liked in a good many areas, including home, schooling, infant monitor, workplace, stockroom, chain retail store, banking institution, preschool education, medical facility, public security, and the like.

NEO comes with its unique brand: “NEO Coolcam”. Besides that, Neo can provide OEM and ODM solutions for all of our new and old customers. NEO is specializing in servicing you the better way with brilliant services and top quality devices.

Make Contact with Us

Addr.: East 6/F, Building 2 LaoBing Industry, XiXiang Rd, Bao’an District, ShenZhen, China
Web page:
Contact Tel: +86-755-29642263
Telefax: 0755-29667746


Contract PCB Fabrication Specialist Headquartered in China

Contract PCB Fabrication Specialist Headquartered in China

EasyEDA Website

EasyEDA is Passionate About Creativity

We’re manufacturers, geekers and technical engineers. When we would like to design and construct several gadgets 3 years ago, we put in several weeks in search of the best-suited specialist tools. We desired schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout nonetheless we needed it to not be merely for Windows Operating system and we didn’t enjoy the idea of needing to pay out big money to order a considerable program suite and afterwards spend a few months finding out how to work with it.

Our vision is to aid creative designers move on from ideas to crafted prototype quicker by supplying substantial important information and cooperation specialized tools for electronic design. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast looking to have a go with your very first project or a proficient industrial engineer wanting an output supercharge, our motive is to remove the boredom in moving a design to life. We wish to hear what you are working with or any recommendations about the way we can assist you, thus please email us.

In conclusion, EasyEDA will present you with a less severe EDA adventure, allowing you to take joy in more of the voyage from a notion to an item.

Business Line And Prices

There are not any 100 % free business models; EasyEDA must support itself and for that reason, it has to keep up with the team way too.

Aiming to provide a disruptive innovation, we deliver an awesome absolutely free online EDA tool, but nonetheless, we try to become profitable from some other services, just like presenting PCB orders, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews by our competent electronics professionals.

Please apply EasyEDA, we assure EasyEDA’s primary features are absolutely free to every person.

Speak to Us

Address: 30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
Zipcode: 518000
Business development/alliance:
Other inquiries:


HTD Group Circuits

Motto: Your PCB production teammate in China

With more than Fifteen years practical experience, HTD Group is swiftly getting to be the valid option for PCB manufacturers in China. We are happy to produce high standard products, and feature a great and successful business office for our more than 1000 office staff.

For in excess of 15 years, HTD Circuits has been focused upon meeting the demands of our buyers by delivering the greatest resources and tools to make conducting business quick and simple.

-Peter Cai, CEO

There are lots of troubles in doing business worldwide. Not only do companies ought to be thinking about time zone differences and language issues, but towards the point, that PCB’s are made with top quality materials and are completed on-time and on-budget! And for those unusual instances, an order arrives with a problem, the confidence and trust that the producer resolves the trouble promptly.

To avoid all of these problems and to set us apart from our competitors located in China:

Multi-lingual staff members in China that talk in many different foreign languages
100Percent flawless promised
99% on-time supply
Price protection promised
Web based ordering and ERP program 24/7
World-wide shipping and stock management programs

We ought to get the achievement, it has consumed Fifteen years of effort and the ability to stand out in an ever-updating, international industry.

HTD Group is one of the world’s leading and specialist multi-layer PCB providers. Our desire for electronics market and other semiconductors has helped us to evolve into one of the most important PCB manufacturers on the market. Besides this, it has brought us to expand above the area of our country and get in touch with the whole world.

PCBs from HTD Group Circuits are the results of the newest scientific breakthroughs in the sector of electronic circuit design engineering. These comprise a variety of various components built together like a waterfall that can be used to conduct multiple functions all concurrently by making a full circuit. We make sure to mention all of the elements which have been assembled, to ensure that it’s simple for you to make proper use of it, regardless of whether you are an expert or a newcomer.

We all know, China shows a remarkable market for electronics, steel engineering suppliers and manufacturers but their manufacturing skills are recognized way too. HTD Circuits as PCB makers owns a sizeable PCB manufacturing facility that delivers heaps of different PCBs you can imagine! PCBs could be printed in accordance with your private demands, including 2-3 layers to those moving up to as many as 16 layers.

HTD Group Circuits is focused on providing the excellent quality service. This is the reason all of the PCB fabrication operations is achieved under the most rigid quality control and from the highest quality resources, under expert direction. We moreover offer fine quality aluminum PCBs, copper boards, laser cut stencils, flexible PCBs and a number of other types of custom-made PCB which fit your need and affordability.

Make Contact with Us

Addr.: Building # D3, 3rd Industrial Zone, Fuqiao, Fuyong Street, Baoan Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong China
TEL: +0086-755-8146 2930
Facsimile: +0086-755-8146 2931


Regarding Project PCB

Project PCB – China Premium Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Projectpcb is a PCB manufacturer which specializes in PCB prototype and low volume PCB manufacture. After 2009, we have begun to supply first-rate PCB mfg service to worldwide customers.

Qualified PCB Fab At Competing Pricing

Our PCB fab production lines are located in China, which allows us to supply high-quality, tight tolerance printed circuit boards at ambitious price ranges.

View our full offering of PCB fabricating capabilities, you will be able to obtain fast web-based PCB quote without joining, our team will respond to you on your PCB project thru email or telephone.

Top 10 Causes of Shopping Printed Circuit Board From Project PCB

Easy PCB quote online without the need to make an account.
In Time customer care by knowledgeable staffs
100% high quality Guaranteed, our boards reach Class 2
All of the orders will be checked by our technicians earlier than going to fabrication
Low-Cost guarantee, no obscured fees and supplementary charges
PCB manufacture services especially for prototypes, small quantity orders, with short turn-times.
On time shipping record with 70% orders shipped earlier
Free file conversion services, E-Test, Totally free Solder mask color, silkscreen
We do not have any MOQ prerequisites.
Our Value: Fine Quality, Excellence And Customer Satisfaction

We will work together with you at each step of the process, From quoting, ordering, quality and shipping, which will help you save time and money.

And in case you have further questions regarding Project PCB or our services or products, please feel free to Make Contact with Us anytime.

To read additional info on the way we can help your business, please go to our PCB mfg, Printed Circuit Board Fab Capabilities, Quick-turn PCB and full-featured PCB solution.

For a variety of contract PCB fab requires!

From the first task until product packaging and delivery, we inspect all the steps and so you get a top rated item. Currently, we have the # 1 place. as being a excellent Printed Circuit board maker in China.


Arduino Consumer Electronics & CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Module Makers China Shenzhen

Arduino Consumer Electronics & CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Module Makers China Shenzhen

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co., Limited

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co. Ltd.. is a high-technology company that develops and manufactures arduino add-ons, electronic parts, robotics, Three-dimensional printers, open source devices, BLE modules, and many others. we are in collaboration with colleges and universities and scientific organizations. And our firm has created a number of Smart Educational Gadgets with separate intellectual property since ’09.

Our products have been offered in several countries around the globe, and own great praises from our customers.

In addition, we’re additionally specializing in the advancement of Robot-making education in China and we would love to compile the state-of-the-art technology into the text, changing it as a lesson which is an easy task to fully grasp, add it into the teenage activity, motivating the youngsters and developing their ability of practice, logicality, and imagination. We embrace the venture spirit of trustworthiness, integrity and originality, maintain prime quality services, and to supplies our buyers with superior products and services.

Welcome To Be One Of Our Vip Users

We Know That “Product Quality Is The Heart and soul Of An Business”

Contact Us

Mobile Phone: +86-13620975435

TEL: +86-755-33566753


Location: Room 449, Minle Bld, Minle Village, Minzhi, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, China


China-based Commitment Producer Directory for PCB Assembly Manufacture Demands

China-based Commitment Producer Directory for PCB Assembly Manufacture Demands

Ourpcb Tech Limited

OurPCB is an intercontinental PCB Board manufacture & assembling contractor which offers Overseas service and support by making use of our expertise.

We offer competitive rates, specialist service and support and impressive delivery time. We make this happen due to the fact we’re the manufacturing company. OurPCB Technology, Our main enterprise in China was established in The year 2005, and has offered competent Circuit Board fabricating and Assemblage solutions for a lot more than 2,500 shoppers around the world. With the intention To fulfill our consumers’varied demands and criteria for PWB assembling, We founded our own Circuit Board Assembly factory in Apr 2011.

Our facility has more advanced machinery, yet not only 3 high-speed SMT production lines, Siemens HS50 Pick and placers, Siemens F5 pick and placers, Heller 1809 Reflows, Speedline MPM printers, OK intelligent solder irons, And Otek AOI equipment to name some. We support DIP, QFP, BGA, LGA and QFN SIP Assemblage forms.., The minimal SMT footprint we can mount is 0201. Our manufacturing area can also provide programming, Wiring and furthermore injecting and conformal coating services.

Our Assemblage plant has ISO9001 Certificates, For bare Circuit Board manufacture, in addition, we have ISO and UL certificates., Hence OurPCB is highly great for handling / Producing high quality assembling projects that satisfy the current high quality standards. site is part of OurPCB GROUP, is an expert in operating businesses of exact Board to Board, Solar powered photoelectric connector, I/O connectors, industrial Terminal blocks as well as cable assembling for PC & add-ons.

Touch Us

Ourpcb Tech Ltd.
Telephone number: 86-311-85981900 86-311-85981877
Location: Third Floor, Nanhai Plaza, #505 Xinhua Road Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang Hebei China

OurPCB Manufacturing Area
Tel: +86-311-82190340,82190343
Telephone: +86-311-82190477
Position: #1, Xinke industrial Garden, Yunkai Rd, Luquan economic&industry development district, Shijiazhuang Hebei China


JA Electronics Co. Ltd.

JA Electronics is regarded as one of the main electronic manufacturing service (EMS) vendors of PCB assemblies over a decade. We have been focused on designing double-sided, multi-layer rigid, flexible and aluminum PCBs.

Our significant motive is to give the best quality, best price, quickest turn-time and quality service. A Large amount of printed circuit board manufacturing services are available to meet or exceed your most emergency requirement, and reproduce it through your sample. We offer manufacturing services to all sorts of industries for example Aerospace, Medical, Vehicle, Telecommunications, Computer systems, Audio, Video equipment and much more.

From quotations through delivery, our PCB services are speedy, affordable and focused on total client satisfaction. The different kinds of fabrication can include single-sided circuit board up to 20 Layers, zero-lead finishes to High TG special materials.

The final assembling techniques and fabrication procedures are all considered up-front and so our jobs are productive in presenting a quality-based product each time. With an intention to fill the needs of consumers and set up long-run business relationships, we have shown clearly our reliability and evolved together with our existing customer base through the years.

Beyond the specifications set by our shoppers, the products produced by JA Electronics Co., Limited meet the requirements of the Underwriters Lab and the IPC. Final inspection of the product is based on the client’s specs -full inspection.

For more details, simply just check our site You can also go to our manufacturing area.

Would you like PCB assembly services?

JA Electronics is a reputable turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer situated in China. We are dedicated to offering the very best consumer support in the EMS field. We’ll resolve all your inquiries and we are going to resolve every one of your problems.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please get a hold of us. we can answer in under One day. For faster service, phone call us by one of the numbers down the page within the working time.

Touch Base with Us

China Shenzhen Factory
Address: 3F Fourth Building, Anda Industry Park, FuYong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.
TEL: +0755 61529682
Mobile Phone Contact: +86-135-3079-2421

China Shenzhen Operating Office
Addr: # 7, Times Center, No. 1 Gushu Road, Xixiang Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Telphone: +86-755-61529692
Facsimile: +86-755-61529693


iFast PCB Manufacturing

iFastPCB is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) maker providing a one-stop solution to so many electronic assembly and low-volume orders. Our services include things like rapid PCB Prototyping, PCB fab, combined with assembly. Being amongst the best rated Chinese PCB manufacturers, we strive to provide highly rated services to our purchasers..

Our key value has been maintained by honesty, effort and a team of trained gurus. We strive to support our clients with marvelous services and exact outcomes; and to do this we are made ready to make all of the possible efforts.

Viewing the following PCB fabricating expertise, and get 100 % free a quotation without any enrollment over the internet, our staff are available for private consultation on your PCB requires.

What we offer at iFastPCB:

PCB Fabrication Price savings

Buy your printed circuit boards directly from the Chinese PCB manufacturing facility. We have been supplying PCB for a long time. as a result of the innovative information technology, we now have built strong ERP system that fairly raises the PCB mfg effectiveness, causing us to be capable to offer unbelievably cost-effective PCB products with no ruining the customer’s spending budget.

Quick Turnaround

Single-sided and 2 layers PCB prototypes, we will ship to you in just 48 hrs. Aside from that, the turn-around time relies on the volume and layer count.

First-class Customer Support
Problems or concerns, we get back to you in just One business day. Our client care team members will cope with your information as quickly as possible.

PCB Manufacture Skills

iFastPCB is the one-stop solution to all the PCB prototyping and manufacturing requires. Located in China Shenzhen, we supply a wide range of varieties of cutting-edge PCB techniques and PCB prototype services. The Prototype PCB made by us is designed for outstanding dependability and exactness. Backed by our PCB functions, our products are competent to work under demanding conditions. The data formats supported are: Gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc, .cam.

Proceed with importing your PCB design file and get a free quote via the internet. be sure you turn the PCB file into one of the approved types before you start to upload it for a price estimate.

Touch Base with Us

Tel: +86-755-23091058


ELEPHONE FIGHTER ЗАИНТЕРЕСОВАЛ Обзор / Review – Кратко → Aliexpress ★★★★★ → GearBest ★★★★★ → Banggood ★★★★★ → DX ★★★★★ → Tinydeal ★★★★★ → TOMTOP ★★★★★ → Fastcardtech ★★★★★

Локальные магазины:

Задать вопрос/поддержать. Support me:

Текстовые версии новостей на


China-based PCB Board Contract Manufacturing Businesses

China-based  PCB Board Contract Manufacturing Businesses


NOD Electronics Co., Limited

As a service-leading PCB Board fabricating and Electronic Circuit Board assemblage (PCB’A) provider, NOD Electronics endeavors to aid international small-medium business with 10+ years engineering experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Our headquarter is positioned in Guangzhou, China. We possess 10,000 square meters plant, 287 staff and 42 engineers, monthly capabilities of 15,000 square meters PCB Board design & fabrication and 80mil spot SMT. We have already been serving about 108 customers all over the world and certified by TS16949, ISO9001-2008, UL, CE, RoHS.


We strive to be your perfect business partner in electronic manufacturing serivce(EMS) with a commitment from creative team members. Do you go along that each electronic product has its soul, displaying the designer’s product option, just like iPhone and Jobs? Electronic gadget is a passage in between the purchaser and designer rather then an merchandise. Regardless of the fact they don’t have oral communicating, they have soul connection in between.

Service Range

Hence, we operate and establish a bridge, which rotates your notion or design into a object and exhibit it in front of the shoppers by delivering responsible fabrication solutions and engineering help support, especially New Product Introduction (NPI), PCB Board design, PC Board assemblage (PCA ), Shell (plastic & metal) solutions.

We are completely committed to grow to be your solid electronic manufacturing services source. We can work with each other to complete your marketing aspirations.

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Shenzhen NOD Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: F/3, Block 3, #20-8 Huanxi West Road, Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510660
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China Shenzhen Sunshine Global PCB Group

China Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 2001. With 350,000 sq . ft . production full capacity plus 1,500 staff, we produce multi-layer rigid Circuit Card, rigid or flex Circuit Board, RF, metal back and also other unique Electronic Circuit Boards. Our boards are extensively applied to telecom, industrial control, medical systems, PC and add-ons , eco-friendly energy and many other hi-tech areas.

Led by a team of industry experienced persons, Sunshine has grown drastically over the past ten years. The business has come about from the latest global financial crisis to come to be the world wide major provider of high mix hi-tech PCBs.

In 2011, Sunshine spends 150 million $ to build a completely new facility in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi. When completed, Jiujiang Sunshine Circuits Technology will have about 1,400,000 square ft. production area and 5000 workers with 280 , 000, 000 Greenbacks in once-a-year sales.

In 2013, Rinde PCB GmbH (Germany) became part of the Sunshine Group. Today we can supply prototype Circuit Card for the nearby European Union marketplace.

Our Objective

Sunshine’s mission is to cater to the Continual Increase of World Electronic Market. We Present the Best Value to Our Buyers with High-quality Services and products at Affordable Price in a Way In line with High Enviromentally friendly Standards.


We obtain the finest quality by means of the up-to-the-minute devices, processes, and quality standards all over our team. Our facilities are ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 and UL authorized.

Menu of Quality Accreditations

Quality Management System
ISO/TS 16949:2009

Environmental Management System

We offer Circuit Card with Zero-Lead, RoHS Compliance, REACH Eligible, PFOS Approved

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China Shenzhen Head office: Building B Shangxing #2 Industrial District, Shajing Town, Bao’an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518125,
TelephoneTelephone number: +86-755-27243597
Facsimile: +86-755-27243169


Shenzhen Topscom Technology Co., Limited

Twenty Years Of Electronics Entire Original equipment manufacturer / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(often known as ECM)

Topscom is a top Electronics Manufacturing Services (or EMS) provider concentrated on offering innovative design and production services to motor vehicle, manufacturing, medical, end-user, telecom, and modern technology corporations. With financial year 2013 business earnings of 360 , 000, 000 USD, Topscom aids prospects design, fabricate, shipping and delivery, and devices that supplies buyers with one-stop design, engineering, and manufacture resources that are vertically included with parts to optimize their operations by lessening their expenditures and cutting down on the time to markets.

Topscom will provide an extensive choice of manufacturing, engineering and machining services, like in-house highly exact SMT mount, plastic material injection molding, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and unique manufacture.

Full-outfitted Business units

Our diverse divisions are aimed to offer you an extensive range of manufacturing, engineering and machining solutions:
Our SMT expertise cover 0201, leadless and flip-chip technologies.

Our plastic injection molding team is aligned with leading-edge machines in white room and cold water air conditioning system. A unique production line is moreover meant to get rid of and slice the material grain.

Our metal stamping team comes with CNC process center, silk equipment and drilling equipment coming from Japan and Taiwan.

In our mold tooling division, we use Pro-Engineer premium software program for beneficial design support. Using EROWA grips, we are able to control the accuracy and reliability under 3 ums.

To maintain qc system excellent, we consistently do a comparison of our test flow tables. Furthermore, we maintain procurement office spaces in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore as well as Hong Kong operated by our centralized supplies storage facility in Shenzhen.

Our production line is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with a total place of 200 Thousand square meters and in excess of 4,000 staff. We highly believe in the importance of our staff and would like to uphold a qualified frame of mind and teamwork culture that supports creativeness and delivers job fulfillment.

The management makes important regular training, open interactions, teamwork and cooperation in the decision-making process.

With considerable experience of working with high-technology firms and varied clients in wide range of products, we are highly assured to deliver amazing solutions, high elasticity, inexpensive manufacturing solutions and punctual delivery for our clients.

Our primary clients list around the globe: Rda (Sydney) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Holland), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (Britain), Cisco (United States).

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Telephone number: +86-755-22211988
Fax: +86-755-83768890
Inbox: frankwu[at]
Phone: +86-13502814037
Location: No.18, Tannan Road, Tanjia Industrial Region, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen City, China.